To our valued customers,

During this COVID-19 emergency, our goal is to ensure the safety of our
employees and customers while continuing to inspect and maintain your fire protection systems.

We have established an internal Response Plan to provide for the safety of our employees. The purpose of this notice is to communicate and coordinate with you, so to as much as possible and keeping with protocols issued by our
government and health authorities, meet your requirements for our services.

We have invested in technology that allows our staff to work seamlessly from
home, the office, or on our customers’ sites. While travel is restricted, most of our technicians are continuing to work under approved conditions. And you can
continue to reach us by email, phone, etc. just as you normally would. Your reports continue to be available on-line. Where scheduled recurring inspections, or other services, are not restricted by travel to your facilities (or by other constraints), we will continue to deliver the services as planned – subject to your approval and defined restrictions. You will be contacted by our Team as normal or you may contact any of them as you would otherwise do.

We do propose that individual living units, houses, apartments etc. not be
entered into unless you specifically request as required for urgent reasons.
Please contact any of our Team as required. Otherwise, we will contact you when work is scheduled.


Protecting what matters most.

Now in Alberta!


FIRE PREVENTION SERVICES LTD is Certified for Start-Up and Commissioning of CLARKE diesel fire pumps.

The Norths only full-service company offering:

  • Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of all fire protections and life safety systems.
  • Engineered design, supply, and installation.
  • Fire alarm inspection and verification.
  • Extinguisher training, sales, and service.
  • Cylinder and hose hydro-testing.
  • Kitchen suppression inspections.
  • Sprinkler, standpipe, and fire pump ITM.


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Main Site Picture (above) – Rebuilding a 2000 gpm Aurora HSC fire pump. The packings were over tightened to the point they crushed the lantern rings which prevented water from reaching the outer packings which eventually started to burn up.